Polyhedra Tech Simplifying simulation, for a better environment

Consulting & Research

Big Data Analysis and Cloud Services Projects

  • Cloud service analysis
  • Cloud simulation energy optimization and sustainability services. 

Simulation and Optimization

  • Energy efficiency and simulation
  • Sustainability. Smart Cities. IoT.
  • Optimization of energy systems. NZEB
  • CFD Simulation
  • Consultancy to integrate digital solutions in a personalized way to the needs of each company in the framework of Industry 4.0

Calculus of computational resources needed for and specific project.

  • Blockchain projects
  • DEPs (DAPs)
  • Projects related to building systems.
  • Assistance in calculation of power energy systems


Corporative products

Teaching Simulation

  •  JGPSS
  •  Java Petri Net Simulator
  •  Java Event Scheduling Simulator

About us

About us - Polyhedra Tech

Polyhedra Tech is a technological startup that has emerged from the UPC BarcelonaTech, which has as areas of expertise

  • the new technologies - Industry 4.0,
  • sustainability and architecture - Construction 4.0,
  • management and design,

Which in addition to offering solutions based on simulation and Internet of Things also offers specialized training services in different fields that may be of interest.

An interdisciplinary team composed of researchers, engineers and architects, among others, has extensive experience in research projects, professionals and academics.

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve the lives of everyone through disruptive products. We build fantastic products to solve your business problems.

Our products are designed for small and medium sized companies willing to optimize their performance.

You can find information about our research, productsts and projects here http://news.polyhedra.tech/

Our partners

Our partners - Polyhedra Tech

We are not working alone, here you can see some of the partners that work with us and finally helps you to achieve your goals.